Barbie Brewer

Leadership Lessons for the Future of Work

Companies need to focus on what they consider to be their competitive advantage. Leadership is critical, especially in these times of adversity!

Lead and Let Live is a book about powerful leadership qualities in the workplace and life. Barbie has used her real-life experiences and examples, ornamenting them into powerful lessons for people that want to evolve their Leadership Paradigm.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Leadership Paradigm!

Barbie Brewer is an international expert that empowers the world with her two decades’ worth of HR, Leadership experience and influences the world to upgrade their leadership qualities in the workplace. 

Presently, times are evolving. With the world constantly shifting its integration of work into life balance, it can be tough to manage both and live a life full of wonders and excitement. Barbie inspires organizations to change their contemporary work practices by embracing alternative working structures, including Remote and Hybrid work.

As a 20+ years Human Resources leadership veteran holding positions worldwide at the top management level, Vice President, and C-Suite level, she has played an integral part in some of the world’s most well-known brands, including IBM, Cisco, Netflix, GitLab, and ClickUp.


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Barbie Brewer brings Clarity and vision to digital disruption.

With Barbie’s modern experiences, you can introduce countless opportunities in the workplace alongside cultures that will empower your organization!

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